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Hydrodermabrasion Machine

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Dermatech Systems is pleased to present the Dermatech AF220 multi-purpose hydrodermabrasion machine with 5 technologies in one!

The AF220 features a serum injection system, dermabrasion wand with replaceable tips.  This system gently exfoliates and polishes the skin will injecting serum of your choice directly on the skin as it vacuums the dead skin away.  The non invasive process leaves your clients’ skin glowing and radiant before they leave the spa!  Give them the instant results they are looking for!

The AF220 also includes a microcurrent wand for skin tightening and muscle reconditioning ideal for sensitive areas like around the eyes and neck. As well as an atomizer for delicate application of serums and other products and multi wavelength light wands effective for several skin conditions.


AF220 hydrodermabrasion Machine$7800
Microcurrent Wandincluded
 4 light wandsincluded
Diamond Dermabrasion Wandincluded


This machine has made such a difference to my practice. Thank you!
Gisselle Pascual — Miami